Montag, 23. Februar 2015

Wir haben einige Termine,
zu denen wir aktuell einladen

05.March 2015, Webinar international partners

Dear friends near and far,
we are happy to pronounce that we are launching the first NGO Webinar of managerwithoutborders.
There fore I am happy to invite you to our managerwithoutborders Webinar on the 
march 03,  at 10 am GMT  for your time please see !!! 
Topics are:
General information on managerwithoutborders, what do we do, whom we support and application procedure for a management expert.
The webinar is free of charge- everyone is invited to join

If you would like to join please register

3.März 2015, Brownbag-lab, Meeting international students

Do you know brown bag lab meetings?
To meet during lunch time, discuss an interesting issue, listen to a presentation, take part in a short workshop and eat your lunch (in a brown bag)?
At american universities this is common.
We create from time to time a brown bag – meeting in our foundation managerwithoutborders and would like to envite you to our first meeting for Students and organisations at the university. The theme is:
How can a cooperation between the foundation managerwithoutborders and international students look like? Which aims persues managerwithoutborders? What kind of possibilities do international students have?

Therefore we like to invite you or member of your organisation.

Managerwithoutborders is an international foundation (NGO), that works in many countries in the field of developement and startup businesses.
The Brownbaglab will take place on thuesday the 3th of march at 12:30 in our office
Gutenbergstraße 77a,
70197 Stuttgart
Büro Tel:  + 49 711 236 23 90
Rebeccas Tel: +49 176 98135887
Bring your lunchbag, questions, ideas and experiences in the field of development and let us for one hour and a half discuss, question and make plans. If you have any questions and in order to confirm the date you are able to reach us under: 0176/98135887 or send an e-mail to 

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